Born in Los Angeles and residing in Laguna Beach, CA., Regina earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting, 2003, and an MFA in Painting, 2013. Both degrees are from LCAD – Laguna College of Art + Design in Southern California. As a Representational Figurative Artist, Regina’s oil paintings reflect a 30 year circuitous path to Fine Arts through the Fashion Industry. A lifelong affection for stories is also evident in her paintings which are filled with imagery inspired by everything from fairytales to epic novels, scripture to Mythology. Art history, world history, fashion, psychology, philosophy and her personal journey also play a significant role in her work – which is a complex non-linear style of narrative.

Artistic Statement


A fusion of my background in fine art, fashion and religion, A Beautiful Lie integrates three series of realistic figurative oil paintings: “The Cult of Beauty,” “Woods and Groves,” and “Curiouser.” Though dissimilar in their environment and temperament, they unite in a popular narrative regarding choices. Based on the concept that the human spirit longs for love and acceptance, these paintings examine how a delicate self-worth can be undermined in a society where human worth is measured on the basis of idealized standards rather than individuality. Hallowed and venerated, Celebrity has replaced the actual Divine.

Interpreted through an un-tinted lens of human weakness, A Beautiful Lie probes into the everyday push-pull process of making decisions which have lasting consequences. The possibility that “choice” may be our one true possession encourages this examination of the effects discontentment, idealization, vulnerability and misplaced hope can have on our resolve. The isolated female in my paintings are Seekers, but seem wounded, lost in life’s pilgrimage or misled; a voyeuristic view captures one person’s regret over her previous decision, while another seems empowered by self-indulgence.